Our 4 Stage Process


We always put the interests of our clients first. We act as Fiduciarys, we have your Best Interest at the core of everything we do. To be diligent means to act in a caring and consientious manner.
The first thing we do is discover. We compassionately discover your fears, needs, wants and goals. We discover your income, debts and asset relationships and what you need them to accomplish for you. This is a holistic review it is so much more than a financial needs analysis.
Then we design a complimentary, customized and confidential plan that is just for you. This 'Know Your Numbers Review' is yours to keep. It shows how to get to a place of Financial Independence and able to Retire Easy.
Then we offer to help deploy the plan. There is no obligation with the 'Know Your Numbers Review' you can take it and do it yourself. But we want to be in this with you, as a coach and accountability partner, to ensure the plan is followed and updated regularly.
We are the one and only company that performs and follows a 4D Process with their clients.




in a way that shows care and conscientiousness in one's work or duties.

"he spends his nights diligently working on his clients".

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We perform the complimentary $martLife Review this is an upgrade to a financial needs analysis; this is a holistic review. We cover discovering fears, wants, needs, and goals. Learning just how ‘in the dark’ the client is about finances, estate and legacy planning. What their current income, savings and debt ratios are. Sometimes mediating between families and helping them communicate with each other more effectively.

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We design a complimentary, confidential, and customized Know Your Numbers™ Review. This details options, methods and milestones for measuring and achieving a client’s personal goals, addressing their concerns and delivering them into a place of Financial Independence and Retiring Easy.


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We become our client’s coach and accountability partner. We keep them focused on the big picture. We ensure the plan is followed, reviewed, and updated regularly, particularly if there has been a major life event. We provide a plan, that delivers a disciplined approach to a client’s self-determined end goal. We encourage our clients to be decisive, to make decisions and follow through with them.

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