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Our Purpose

It is our goal to produce more Financially Independent, Retiring Easy Individuals, Households & Business

We want to diligently serve regular Main Street neighborhoods all across America. Providing Households and Business access to knowledge, guidance and coached programs. To enable them to break free from the debt cycle, accumulate wealth and provide tax free guaranteed retirement.

What type of Company are we?

Head Quartered in Jacksonville, Florida. We can serve the nation through a business model that is designed to scale to match the economic environment. We have a mix of employed and independent licensed and trained agents and coaches. 

What do we do?

We are a Financial Services firm that acts primarily in a marketing and education capacity for mutual insurance companies, particularly dividend paying whole life insurance companies. We provide the marketing and education services completely free, at point of use, to our clients. We do not charge a client a fee for service or a recurring commission for ongoing financial transactions. We are a conduit for  our clients.  They don't buy from us, they buy through us, we do not sell anything.


Tivaldi LLC, is pioneering the concept of providing holistic Financial Services focused on an ongoing coaching relationship; creating a legacy, providing protection and building savings through a system of dividend paying whole life insurance policies, with cash values and separate investment vehicles. This core philosophy resonates with Main Street America. It allows them to have protection and use savings to accelerate debt paydown to become debt free and enjoy a tax free retirement.


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"For Main Street America"

4181 Southpoint Dr E, Ste 400
Jacksonville FL 32216

(904) 539-9687

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Our Vision

To be Champions for Main Street America

To guide Households and Business through a program to get the protection they need, invest in their future and be debt free.

Our Mission

To be a multi-generational family CFO that educates and demonstrates how, through our 4D process, Main Street America can become debt free. Thereafter, through stewardship, we create wealth buildup and a secure guaranteed tax-free retirement for households and business.

Our Values

The interests of our community come first. We only accept clients we believe we can be of substantial value to; based on their needs and our experience.

We are Consultant Coaches, not Salesmen with a Quota.

We seek people with debt not just wealth. We passionately share our programs and educate, we do not sell anything.

We never ask for referrals, we attract new opportunities as our clients become our biggest advocates.